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Lovely Little Dark Humor Round Vinyl Sticker Sets of 4

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Find humor in the awful parts of life (meaning: all of it)? These stickers are for you.

This listing is for one sheet of four stickers! Options are seen in the photos, and also listed below:

"Worst Year Ever" Pack:
--Kindly Piss Off Cat
--New Year, New Tears Hat
--Girls Cry Poison Eye
--Awaken Moon Star Eyes

"Hobbies" Pack:
--[Taco Pun] Taco
--Carsick Club Barf Bag
--Never Enough Books
--Never New Clothes

"Political Bitches" Pack:
--Fighting Gaslighting Flame
--Never Again Hanger
--Made In 'Gina Label
--Resisting Bitch Face Lady

"Best Relationship Ever" Pack:
--Dead Inside Rabbit
--Dead Outside Rabbit
--Lonely Heart
--Together Heart

"Anxiety Club" Pack:
--Anxiety Club Pencil Chewing
--Anxiety Club Teeth Grinding
--Anxiety Club Nail Biting
--Hugs Cactus

"A Little Bit Nicer" Pack:
--Marco Bat
--Polo Bat
--True Love Pickle
--Bad At Math Award

Each sticker is 1.5 inches across, with sticky backing, and thick vinyl with glossy finish. You can put them on any stickable surface! Printed in the USA.

Image Copyright ©Caitlin B. Alexander