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caitlin b alexander cba illustration lovely little thingscaitlin b alexander cba illustration lovely little things

Caitlin B. Alexander is an illustrator based in Austin, Texas.

“Lovely Little Things” is a shop of prints and products that are nostalgic yet fresh, and charming yet mature. This parallels Caitlin’s freelance illustration career, CBA Illustration, as her style is rooted in a midcentury influence, through the lens of a modern existence. She focuses on a representation of repeat patterns and texture in our natural world, observations of daily life, and messages of strength and acceptance, via hand-lettered typography. This love of smaller details— a cluster of mismatched city buildings, lush color in an old quilt, variations in a garden— is what the artist brings to her audience: an appreciation for the Lovely Little Things in life.

Caitlin primarily works digitally, but also paints in gouache, with a particular love for dry-brushing. You can find her work at cbaillustration.com, cbaillustration.tumblr.com, and @cbaillustration.

Email: caitlin@cbaillustration.com or use the form below.